beelove (hiphopdiary) wrote in nasty_bathrooms,

Boho Ghetto Cribbo -aka- From Their Bathroom To My Bathroom To The Downstairs Neighbors'

I've lived in this apartment for ten years and pretty much the entire time, intermittantly, water has POURED from the bathroom above mine down through my ancient flourescent light fixture. I've ignored the situation, I've brought it to the attention of my landlord, I've begged him to get a real plumber in, I've gone back to ignoring it.

See that weird, brownish shimmery thing? That's a big, fat drop of rusty water. The water POURS out. It's happened a lot of times when the light's been on. The water's also flooded through my floor into the downstairs neighbors' bathroom.

They chopped a hole in the ceiling (and left it open like that for WEEKS) trying to locate the problem. Apparently it did no good, since my light fixture still leaks bathwater.

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