Ryan SleepawayCamper (moistcentipede) wrote in nasty_bathrooms,
Ryan SleepawayCamper

My 1st Nasty Bathroom post

This is the boys room in an Elementary school that I work in. I went to clean it after everyone left. I am responsible for making sure it is clean, because I leave after the janitor does. So this is about the cleanest of the nasty bathrooms that I know about, but I took pictures before I had to clean it today.

Notice the rust on the sink in the pick below, and the stuff below the sink, on the floor is NOT it’s shadow. Don’t ask me what it is, but it is damp and moist.
title or description
This is stall number one.
title or description
and this is stall number too.
title or description

Surprisingly the urinals were pretty clean.
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